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Artistic Wine Labels

Artistic Spanish Bull Tempranillo Wine Label Design


Express Winemakers has a very experimental nature and this philosophy extends to what they want from their labels. We decided to make a dramatic shift from the first collection of labels. The third label in Express Winemakers history was a Tempranillo. Tempranillo is a Spanish grape so we eager to create a strong Spanish festive feel. We wanted to simplify the labels compared to the previous collection and wanted the colours to be bold and vibrant. We continued on the theme of craftsmanship with the intricate fine-liner illustrations mixed with paint, charcoal and a Spanish poem to add texture and depth to the label. The fine-line illustration of the bull was given a rich ochre tint – reminiscent of the coloured chalk used by the Renaissance Masters to help establish a time honoured feel, whilst giving it a distinctly modern feel. The orange, reds and yellow splashes help to create a sense of movement and the overall result was this rich and vibrant label.