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Artistic Wine Label Collection Designs – Express Winemakers 2012


The Express Winemakers range quickly grew and in 2012 they added a Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc to the range whilst producing their second Riesling, Tempranillo and Rosado. This wider range produced a great opportunity as all of these wines had different types and coloured bottles allowing for a unique collection. Whilst a great opportunity we still wanted to ensure that the labels were a distinct collection and we utilized kraft paper to not only establish this consistency across the collection but to maintain the sense of craftsmanship and emphasise the hand made quality of the wine.


This collection continues to take advantage of the detailed fine-line illustrations and the mixed media techniques we have used in previous labels but we once again simplified the labels and like the previous Tempranillo label sought to use bold colours to make each label distinct and vibrant. We were keen to establish a distinctly Spanish feel for the Rosado. Mt. Barker is little more then a hill so the Riesling became a bit of an in-house joke. Each of the back labels are complete with detailed illustration of the maps highlighting the locality of the wines.