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Express Winemakers – Artistic Wine Label Designs


Express Winemakers is a rapidly emerging force in the Australian Wine scene and we believe that our Wine Label Designs have helped to establish this reputation for excellence. Starting in 2011, Beetle Creative has been responsible for the Express Winemaker branding and Wine Label Designs from the outset and this partnership continues to prosper. Express Winemakers was born from a desire to do things differently. Ryan O’Meara, the founder was tired of the commodity wines and blends being produced in Australia and wanted to re-establish some of the time honoured practises that he learnt from his time in Europe. His primary objective is for his wines to reflect ‘terrior’ – the land, climate and fruit. His wines are predominantly from single batch vineyards. Initially concerned that the name ‘Express’ would be confused with quick/cheap, rather then ‘expressive wines’ Beetle Creative sought to create elaborate, detailed, sophisticated and hand crafted labels depicting the ideas of Terrior, tradition and craftmanship to help to establish the desired tone of the brand. Now that the wine brand is well established the wine labels have been able to progressively become more relaxed, simple and modern. Express Winemakers doesn’t currently own its own vineyards but rather searches for the best parcels of fruit from around Western Australia. This diversity in place, grapes and flavours has allowed endless inspiration for the colourful and creative Wine Labels. To discover what the buzz is about purchase some Express Winemakers Wine today!