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Express Winemakers is a new, young, indy winemaker that believes wine should express the unique character of the land (terroir) becoming expressive wine.

It was clear that we needed to create something unique that would encapsulate Express Winemakers spirit. The business grew from a disgust of Mass produced batch wines. The wine label artwork needed to express the attention to detail, the handcrafted and indy nature of the label.

We decided that a highly detailed illustration would become an appropriate basis for the design and express the multiple layered richness of the wine.

Express Winemakers as a name we were initially cautious of, fearing people might consider ‘express’ as in ‘fast,’ which is quite opposite to what the business is about. Because of this we decided to go for a more classical & vintage feel, which would steer it away from preconceptions of a ‘fast, cheap wine.’

Express Winemakers are not set to a plot but are a wandering operation sourcing their wine from the best vineyards in Western Australia. Ryan from Express Winemakers had the idea of a walking wine barrel which became the basis of the logo. Based in Denmark, WA, surfing is a great passion of theirs and elements such as the black swan are uniquely Western Australian. Using experimental processes we felt the pipes and bubbles would be fun to play with.

The wine label designs were illustrated by hand, depth was built through spashes of acrylic paint and the composition was brought together to create a unique mixed media artwork through photoshop. We feel the wine label design works on multiple levels becoming an elegant shield when viewed from afar, while offering plenty of intricate detail to get lost in when viewed closely.

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