Vintage Wine Label Designs – Express Winemakers – Riesling


Best Wine Label Designs Vintage Indy Illustration Hot Air Balloon


With the grapes coming from Mt. Barker, the concept for this wine label was naturally born. If you’ve witnessed Mt Barker, you might appreciate the joke (it is little more than a mole hill), but where would the fun be in drawing a hill. The dramatic landscape and mythical hot air balloon propped by the Express Winemakers Gramophone logo creates a fantastical aura. This vintage wine label design has a fun summery feel and the aqua works perfectly in combination with the brown Riesling bottle and classy cream capping.


Artistic Wine Bottle Label ArtworkVintage Wine Label Designs

Below is the Riesling amongst its family in the vintage wine collection.

Artistic Wine Label Designs

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