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These unique unique lasercut wine label designs were the result of a collaboration with Melbourne Laser Cutter who approached us to explore the possibilities of lasercutting for wine labels. We explored 3 vastly different patterns from ornate/vintage, organic and lastly, a geometric design. The timber framing allowed a subtle depth, which allowed for some interesting reflections between the patterns and the bottles.


Graffiti Stencil Wine Bottle Design


Artistic Wine Label DesignArtistic Wine BottlesArtistic Wine Bottles


A few weeks ago we collaborated with Melbourne Laser Cutter to create 3 laser cut wine label designs. Despite producing stunning results, one of our concerns was the costs associated with laser cutting each wine label.


In this experiment we utilised the lasercut label as a stencil to create the unique graffiti stenciled designs. Lasercutting could be used to create durable stencils in a thin plastic that could be used numerous times. The costs and time associated with producing each bottle would still be high, but for a small batch brand or once of promotional wine, this technique could be used to create an instant and artistic point of difference. In this example we used an elaborate Victorian pattern but the potential of this technique would likely be strongest for a simple modern design appealing to a younger target audience. Wine labels obviously require legal information but this could be applied through a booklet tied to the wines collar, which could be used to further build the story and create a point of difference for the brand.


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