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Sports Brand Design for Eagle Sports – Branding, Catalogues, Website and Video Marketing


Eagle Sports is our longest standing client. When Eagle Sports first approached us it was to create their catalogues. It became quickly apparent that we could not create the sharp look desired in the catalogues when their existing logo was so dated. It became evident that their branding also needed a revitalisation, so we modernised their logo and created the motto ‘time to fly’ in a number of hours and from a branding perspective Eagle Sports was reborn. We were eager to create a timeless and sophisticated look and white and black became the champion colours. A common theme throughout the numerous catalogues is the use of human silhouettes playing the designated sports. The human form is timeless especially as silhouettes so Eagle Sports can benefit from our designs for many years to come. Completing the web development for the Eagle Sports we felt an animation would best convey the new branding and company image. Using the human silhouettes this animation runs through the various sports that Eagle Sports caters for. We are currently working on the next phase of their website transforming it to have online ordering for their retail clients including their many thousands of products. Eagle Sports are distributor and the owner of a number of sporting brands we have also completed the logos for their sports brands Alliance and Super K.