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Screen Printed Flight Wine Label Design

Flight Wines is a conceptual brand based in Oregon, USA. The brand sought to create something truly unique and test some ideas away from the mother brand. The result was these highly unique screenprinted wine bottle designs that are true 360 degree artworks. Without the restrictions of traditional paper labels with their imposed boundaries Beetle Creative was able to use the glass bottle as the canvas with an ability to print on all sides. The concept for the wine label design was to celebrate humanities facination and achievements in flight from Aristotle through to Leonardo Da Vinci to The Wright Brothers. Significant research was undertaken into both mankinds historical fascination as well as the physics and study of flight. The development process included a visit to a local taxidermist who had an impressive Eagle which helped shape the primary wing on the front of the bottle to ensure anatomical accuracy. The wine label design also includes one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s incredible flying machines, studies of bird flight – both from a distant as well as diagrams into the physics including some of the equations which help shape flight. This extensive research helped to shape the wine label designs authenticity and the study of flight became part of the draft and sketchlike composition. Beetle Creative also completed the Wine Labels copy telling of the story and celebration of the bottle.