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Monterustico, Italia, Wine Label Design


Monterustico is a new brand of the legendary G.D. Vajra Winery in the famous Barolo, Italia. The Vajra family have the highest vineyards in the Barolo region, with their peak titled Monterustico. The incredible panoramic views from Monterustico overlook the Barolo region and Alps beyond, including Mont Viso, which became the primary inspiration for these labels. One of the primary objectives for this brand was to revitalise a traditional variety of the region, whose popularity has recently been in decline – Dolcetto. We therefore sought to inject some energy into the labels and target younger audiences. I illustrated Mont Viso with a quill dip pen and it has been embellished with a copper coloured foil, emphasising the rustic charm of the brand. Overall the intentions of the illustration and label were to incorporate some sense of tradition, whilst having a fresh modern composition. Aldo Vajra, the founder of the family business will fondly remark we are not modernists or traditionalists; we are the most modern of the traditionalists and the most traditionalist of the modernist and we believe this labels makes a great fit to that promise.