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L’enologa Wine Bottle Wrap Design

Whilst living in Italy for four months in 2015; in Florence and Ostuni, I was working on the L’enologa project. L’enologa is an Australian winery in the Murray Valley, Victoria, which focuses on utilising rare Italian wine varieties. Elizabeth who owns L’enologa studied winemaking in Italy, and Mildura where her vineyards are based has a similar climate to Southern Italy. From these origins we were looking to create a brand and labels that had a distinct Italian flare, whilst still recognisably Australian.
Whilst living in Italy I was doing numerous drawings of sculptures, landmarks, people etc. So I was eager to capture some of the essence of Italy, the vibrancy, the piazzas and the action of the streets, as well as the beautiful architecture and landscapes. Combining my interest in creating an artwork that captured this and in light of the developing L’enologa project, I offered to create a bottle wrap, with one side the Italian scene and the second with a classic Australian/Mildura scene. The illustration took snippets from my experiences in Italy and classic scenes you come across, such as men flirting, boys playing football in the street, old men and women pondering life on park benches, couples arguing, bustling markets and outdoor cafes etc. The original artworks were created predominantly with a 0.1 fineliner and the illustrations were 40cm wide on quality paperstock.
The base of the bottle wrap sees the Italian scene at at the bottles neck a Mildura scene. In between lies the L’enologa logo and a tagline ‘where two world’s meet,’ referring to the brands unique positioning as a new world, Australian wine inspired by the history and wines of Italy.