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Elegant Lasercut Wine Bottle Label Designs


We are always eager to explore new ideas and to push the boundaries of wine label designs – so we were extremely excited when Melbourne Laser Cutter approached us to see what we could create with the use of their technology. As a portfolio project for MLC and us, we had complete creative freedom and did not have to account for the usual aspects of wine bottle labels such as branding and wine label legalities, which gave us the opportunity to create some stunning, uninterrupted patterns. As an explorative project we were keen to create a diverse range of concepts and patterns from ornate, geometric to organic. The framework was a simple 3mm plywood ring cut with notches by which the lasercut paper could simply slot into and be folded over once in place to lock into position. We devised this system, primarily because we were not only interested in the patterns created but also the reflections on the wine bottle glass, which was made possible by offsetting the paper by a few mm off the bottle. Further development would be required to make this a commercial solution and the costing could make it somewhat prohibitive outside of special promotional/celebratory wine ranges, but one cannot question the elegance and effectiveness of the technology and with these characteristics it is certainly a great opportunity worth exploring further.