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Award Winning Wine Label Design – Client: Flor Marché

This wine label was designed for Western Australian based winemaker Flor Marché, with the intentions of targeting a growing Chinese wine market. The ficifolia flower, native to Western Australia has become a trademark of Flor Marché, appearing on all of their back labels. It therefore became an appropriate basis for their international expansion. Red and gold are lucky colours in Chinese culture so this in combination with the ficifolia illustration became a suitable and attractive marriage between the Australian and Chinese association.

This label was entered into the TLMI label printing awards, the biggest competition of its sort in the world, where it was awarded 2nd place in the Internation digital printing category. Collotype, the printers of this label also awarded the label their label of the week, which was featured in the Australian Wine Business Magazine. A special thanks to Collotype for promoting the label and for these terrific photos of the label.