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Clos Marché decided to dedicate each label to a family member of the two founders. They wanted labels with an artistic look and feel and a rich sophistication. The Longley label (Pinot Noir) was dedicated to Geo Longley, a late Great Uncle who was the early curator of the Ballarat Botanical Gardens. Beetle Creative managed to find some original letters written by Geo with his signature which helped us to paint a rich picture of the man and this became not only a great inspiration for the label but also an asset in the artwork itself.


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The Ficifolia Gum was the families favourite native plant and this became the prominent focus of the label and colouring. The mixed media artwork combines a Ficifolia illustration, an illustrated plan of the botanical gardens, colourful paint splashes, a timber burl texture, a letter by Geo and an early photograph of a man in a contemplative mood along the Botanical Gardens lake. For a number of years Geo lived in a canvas tent on site and the canvas texture became the bordering material for the label tying into this rich history and becoming a great tribute to a great character.


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