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La La Land is a new wine brand inspired by Alice in Wonderland, but with interesting Spanish varieties, so the client requested a Surreal and Spanish Twist to the famous theme. I delved deep into research reading the Alice in Wonderland books, watching the movies and studying the various artistic interpretations. It’s difficult to deny the popularity of the Mad Hatter and in Tim Burton’s interpretation his role was as large if not more important then that of Alice. I decided from early on that as part of the La La Land Wine Collection The Mad Hatter would be a central figure. In Carol Lewis’ novels he was actually just referred to as ‘the hatter’ – ‘mad as a hatter’ was a popular saying at the time and eventually stuck with the hatter in popular culture. I was keen to take a unique interpretation to the Mad Hatter. In previous interpretations he was crazy in both character and appearance. Traditionally, film and popular culture depicts people with questionable characters with odd looks. Of course, in reality crooks don’t always walk around with big scars on their faces and crazy people look the same as all of the rest of us. I wanted the Mad Hatter to be cooky but charming. He also had to have a Spanish twist and a Matador seemed the perfect fit as an entertainer who must be slightly crazy.


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El Loco or the Mad Hatter raises his hands to ask the question – which path will you take? You can play it safe or take a chance, dream big and go with him to discover the majesty of La La Land. His red cape twists and lifts allowing a small glimpse to some of the beauty and enchantment below. We were thrilled to be a part of this project and this wine is getting some really great reviews so take the plunge into La La Land!


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