Beetle Creative has built a reputation for creating unique and creative wine labels and mixed media artworks have become the Beetle Creative specialty. This reputation was established from the outset when Beetle Creative created these highly elaborate Wine Label Designs for Express Winemakers – The first labels Beetle ever created. These labels were a labour of love and helped to thrust Beetle and Express Winemakers instantly on to the map. Below are the steps to making interesting and unique mixed media artwork.


STEP 1. The illustration – this was a 40×40 cm fine-line illustration depicting the Expressive nature of Express Winemakers Wine. The illustration conveys a sense of place, terrior and the fun experimental nature of Express Winemakers wine. The idea was for the illustration to create 6-8 labels by rotating the artwork and cutting and mirroring it through the centre – creating 6-8 unique artworks, which remain a distinctive collection. The illustration is not completely finished below but it is certainly ready to make at least 3 or 4 labels.

Detailed illustration - Melbourne ArtistSTEP 2. Painting – Using Acrylic paint, splashed on to a rough textured paper stock and spread with the bottom of a wine glass – the results are this rough, textured and unique and abstract backdrop. We were initially concerned that ‘Express’ in ‘Express Winemakers’ would be associated with fast, quick, cheap so we were determined to give these labels a lot of character and soul.

Mixed media artwork

STEP 3. Photoshopping to create the finished Mixed media product. Through applying the illustration layer on top of the painted layer and adjusting a few colours and their brightness through photoshop we were able to create this elegant work of art which together has really brought both layers to life.

Melbourne corporate branding

STEP 4. Cut arwork through centre and mirror. In this case the artwork was cut through the sun, which turned the swans into a love heart. The final processes such as adding the logo were completed in Adobe Illustrator to ensure the best quality results with the printer.


Artistic Mixed Media Wine Labels

STEP 5 – Sit back and enjoy the wine!

Creative Wine Label Designs