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Brown Brothers New Look Tempranillo


Brown Brothers is one of Australia’s oldest Family owned wineries, dating back to 1889. Despite the long tradition, Brown Brothers have always been innovators, so we were particularly excited when they approached us to create a vibrant, fresh, Spanish inspired Tempranillo. Our Tempranillo design is a bold new step for Brown Brothers and hopefully just the first of many collaborations we’ll do together (we have a Rose design coming out soon and a few others that we can’t talk about yet!) sparking an exciting phase of experimentation and reinvention. When first approached to create this label, I was fortunate in that I had very recently spent 3 weeks travelling around Spain, so the summer, energy, colour, music, fun and flavours were still fresh on my lips. An aspect I admire most about the Spanish people is their priority for having fun, with celebrations, parties and fiesta’s often lasting many weeks. Artistically, Spain is home to many great masters and more recently the great modern artists such as Picasso, Dali and Miro as well as the fluid and colourful architecture of Antoni Gaudi. This label takes inspiration largely from Barcelona, one of my favourite cities, where Gaudi and Miro’s legacies are most prominent. In this label I wanted to capture some of the cities energy, the beaches, the nightlife, tapas bars, the fluid art and the groundbreaking architecture. Spain in Summer is hot, even by Australian standards. I wanted to capture this heat in a fluid feel good summer tone, so many of the elements merge together into a single melting pot. The label had to be bold and the Spanish Red and Gold were obvious choices, with black and white helping to give it some extra punch. The central focus of the label is the donkey, the emblem of Barcelona and Catalonia. I have no intentions for this label to be seen through political eyes, this label intends to fun, Donkeys just happen to be one of my favourite animals and the world already has enough wine labels with Bulls, so the Donkey became the perfect focus. In the name of fun, we also coined ‘Hermannos Marrones,’ Spanish for Brown Brothers, which features prominently around the back of the label and on the Shipper Carton. This label, although somewhat stand alone in it’s design, belongs within the Brown Brothers 18 Eighty Nine Collection. The wrap around, typography and red sweep all pay homeage to the existing collection, whilst evidently not failing to push the boundaries. Do yourself a favour and get your hands on a few bottles while they last, James Halliday gave this Tempranillo 91 points, you can buy it from Brown BrothersDan Murphys or other good wine shops and bars.