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Brown Brothers Rosé Wine Label Design

In three words – ‘La Dolce Vita’ – the sweet life! Think timeless Mediterranean seas the deepest blue, rows upon rows of beach umbrellas, good food & better wine – shared amongst friends, feet up & the sun shining – this is La Dolce Vita. Having spent time in Italy over the last two Australian winters, I was inspired to bring some of La Dolce Vita back home, in particular some of the magic that is the Amalfi Coast. So when Marianne of Brown Brothers requested a design that encapsulated Summer days, good times and sharing great wines amongst friends I knew this was the perfect opportunity. I was already aware of Brown Brothers long history of exploring Italian varieties and having made wine for Italian clients for generations, so La Dolce Vita certainly wasn’t an abstract idea to the Brand. This label was to become part of the existing 18 Eighty-Nine collection, that has the motto ‘pull up a chair,’ with an armchair the collections central focus. Whilst the Rose label was invariably going to be quite unique, by maintaining the focus on a chair, in our case a beach chair it became the perfect link back to the existing collection whilst opening the opportunity to explore new ideas. We originally explored a design on a typical paper-stock with beach scenery in the background, but opted for the minimalist nature made possible by the clear PP stock. Instead of the beach being the focus of La Dolce Vita, the clear label elevated it to be about the wine. So dive in and find your piece of La Dolce Vita with this Brown Brothers Dry Rosé.