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The making of Artistic Wine Labels


La La Land Wines was truly a dream project. The brief was to create wine labels with an Alice in Wonderland inspired theme but with a Spanish twist to convey the origins of the wine varieties, with an element of Surrealism to appeal to a young audience. The client had seen my previous Spanish inspired labels for Express Winemakers (the raging bull and flamenco dancer) as well as my surreal/fantasy styled labels such as the man flying a bicycle contraption, so it was clear that the brief was a perfect fit. With these wine labels I was given full creative license and I delved quite deeply intothe Alice in Wonderland stories and films. This first series of wine label designs were a three piece collection(the first didn’t go to production this year, due to the availability of wine but hopefully you will see it in the very near future). Obviously a great deal of inspiration can come fromAlice in Wonderland and over theyears there has been some terrific and varying interpretations from some brilliant creatives.


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With the Spanish flavour I was keen to take a slightly less literal angle and evengrow the story depicting some untold stories. The first, the Tempranillo is depicting El Loco (the Mad Hatter)and his band including the March Hare (on Ukulele), the White Rabbit (on Trumpet), the Doormouse (on piano accordion) and the Frog Footman (on drums) in the height of their performance in front of the Queen,moments before she sent them to an eternity of tea times for wasting her time. Traditionally the Mad hatter is an odd looking man and I wanted to inject my take on that. Traditionally,film and popular culture depictspeople with questionable characters with odd looks. Of course, in reality crooks don’t always walk around with big scars on their faces and crazy people look the same as all of therest of us. I wanted the Mad Hatter to be cooky but charming. One would also think that if the Queen didn’t like their music it must be because their music was no good. As we know the Queen was obtrusive. So I believe the band might have actually been quite good, but in any regard, like all bands, they believed they were good and in my depiction they are completely lost in the moment. We’re actually developing a short video covering the making of this wine label which will go into greater depth about it’s creation and inspiration so stay tuned! The second wine label – the Malbec, is a depiction of a charmingSpanish Mad Hatter, El Loco. Dressed in full Matador attire El Loco simply gestures the audience to make a decision – do you want to dream and take a chance on La La Land or play it safe and fail to discover what is possible. His magical hat transforms into a Matadors red cape, his signal to charge into life with La La Land appearing modestly under it’s undulation. The bird flies out from La La Land symbolic of a release and freedom. Live life to the fullest and lose yourself in La La Land!


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