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Express Winemakers is the brainchild of the Western Australia young gun winemaker – Ryan O’Meara, who after working in Europe and around the world has the goal of re-instating some of the traditional quality practises which over the decades have been lost in many Australian operations. His goal is to express the ‘terroir’ of the land with most of his wines sourced from single vineyards across Southern Western Australia.

We were approached to develop the branding for the label, with a brief to ensure the labels were vibrant and expressive.

Below is the creation and result of the artistic wine label designs for the newly established brand Express Winemakers’ Riesling label . The labels were designed and drawn by hand, which we combined digitally with scans of styled acrylic paint splats, creating an authentic yet vibrant feel mixed media artwork with lots of intricate detail to enjoy at numerous levels, seen as an emblem from a distance with rich detail when viewed from close. These Artistic Wine Label Designs had the intentions of expressing both ‘terroir’ (the land of W.A) and the elements (weather) but also the often experimental nature of Ryan’s wines emphasised with the pipes.

These labels were a work of love. Below are the elements that went into creating these Vintage Artistic Wine Label Designs.

STEP 1. The illustration – this was a 40×40 cm illustration. The idea was for the illustration to create 6-8 labels by the image shifting where its cut and mirrored. The illustration is not completely finished but at this stage is ready to make another label.

Best Wine Label Artwork

STEP 2. Acrylic Painting –

Artistic Wine Labels

STEP 3. Photoshopping to create the finished Mixed media product.

Mixed media Artistic Wine Label Design

STEP 4. Logo and text inserted using Illustrator ready to print.

Artistic Wine Label Design


I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the behind the scene elements that went into making this wine label design.

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Artistic Creative Wine Label Designs

And the ultimate verdict, the Art Critic gives it the thumbs up.

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