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Artistic Wine Label Collection – Client: L’enologa

L’enologa Wines Website is Italian for ‘Female Winemaker.’ Elizabeth Richardson is a Mildura based winemaker with 15 years experience, having studied and worked in Italy for some time she grew an enormous passion for Italian wines and traditional winemaking techniques. After working for various Wineries around the world, Elizabeth realised that it was time to create her own wines and L’enologa was born. L’enologa is a unique combination of old world meets new world, Italy meets Mildura, two worlds quite different but when combining, coming together to create something quite beautiful – its own little world. The L’enologa capture this new, creative world and at it’s core is an emphasis on flavour and fruity notes. The labels capture a story of the female winemaker transported into their own world where taste is king and anything is possible. The labels are a creative collection depicting the winemaker overseeing the vineyards (Fiano), collecting the grapes (Rosato) and making the wine (Aglianico). As a new brand it is quite likely that the varieties will continue to expand and I’m looking forward to expanding this story of the winemaker further. I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Mildura and meet Elizabeth and the team and it was inspirational to see their passion and how much love went into their wines. Mildura, traditionally has a reputation for high batch bulk wines, but L’enologa is a leader in a growing number of winemakers in the Mildura region, focusing on premium quality wines, small batch and unique wines and varieties with rich character. There are exciting times ahead for L’enologa and we were excited to be part of this great project. The artworks for the labels were created with watercolour, with some elements, such as the female figure and vineyards created in photoshop combining to make a vibrant mixed media artwork.